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Automotive Repair and Maintenance Service Pricing in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Why We Don't Quote Service Prices Without Seeing Your Vehicle First?
With most things, it is taken for granted that the price listed is the price that will be charged. For instance, if produce is listed as $4.98 per kilogram and weighs one half kilogram, the cost will be $2.49. This may seem like common sense.
At Royal Auto Group, we agree this is common sense. We sell professional service by the hour. If we spend one half hour, we bill for one half hour, at a pre-quoted rate. In most cases we can very accurately estimate the time required, once we have examined the problem. This is how we estimate cost. We diagnose the problem with the vehicle, determining the extent of the repair and the time required. With this, and based on our experience, we can now quote a price that is fair to all concerned. Should the repair take less time than expected, we charge for the actual time spent.
There are sometimes cases where the amount of time cannot be known before checking further. Such a case may be diagnosing a check engine light. In these cases, we quote a range or let the customer set a limit. When the limit is reached, we stop and report exactly what we know at that point. In most cases we can predict how much longer we need.
Actual Time Billing: A More Honest Approach  
Our customers love our billing methods and find it saves them a great deal of money. We feel it addresses one of the largest problems in the auto service industry, the practice of "flat rate" billing. With flat rate billing, a guide is used to determine how many hours are to be billed. The customer then pays this amount without regard to how long the vehicle is worked on. For instance, if two hours is specified, two hours is billed, even if the job is done in one hour. We feel this is wrong and encourages shortcuts, and in some cases, dishonesty.
We feel this is a root cause of the lack of trust, so many have for the auto dealership. It also has a profound effect on the people who work under the system. When people are treated like rats bribed with cheese, they may start acting like rats, bribed with cheese. Our thought is actual time billing is a far more accurate and honest way of doing business. Our customers agree, and we think you will too. Honest, actual time billing, is an idea that is past due.
For any additional questions regarding service pricing, please give us a call at 306-782-2262 or email us at service@royalhonda.ca. 

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Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services in Yorkton, SK Using Highly Trained Auto Mechanics  
At one time most automotive shops were general repair shops. This meant they would repair almost anything on the vehicle. Over the years certain shops began to specialize. For instance, automatic transmission or air conditioner specialty shops.
Specialization offered many advantages. It is much easier for a technician to stay current in a single field and specialist gain experience very quickly. They perform the same repairs over and again. By concentrating on a single field the technician becomes very skilled at that specialty.

Unfortunately, this is not very handy for the client. This became increasing problematic as vehicles became more complex. With electronics, every component of the vehicle is inter-related. A problem in the charging system can cause transmission shifting problems. A bad engine computer can cause the air conditioner not to operate.

A vehicle towed to a transmission shop may have to be moved if the problem expands beyond their specialty. Furthermore, repairing one component often involves others. At Royal, we have found a solution to these problems.

Within our shop, each technician is a specialist in their respective field. Each operates as a specialty shop within the larger shop. They also consult among themselves, much like a doctors group. This offers the advantages of the specialist with the convenience of full service. Smarter methods give better results. That's the Royal Way. 

Have questions regarding our vehicle repair and maintenance service specialists? Give us a call at 306-782-2262 or email us at service@royalhonda.ca. 

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