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Taking good care of your tires is an important investment in your vehicle and for your personal safety. Your tires are where the rubber meets the road. Given the weather extremes we encounter here in Saskatchewan, with significant heat in the summer and extreme cold blizzards in the winter, you want your tires to be in good shape. At Royal Honda we believe we offer the best tire service in Yorkton. We have been providing reliable and affordable car service and truck service in Yorkton for many years. 

There is more to maintaining your tires than keeping the air pressure at an appropriate level. Tire alignment, checking for sufficient tread in our challenging driving conditions, regular tire rotation, and a tire patch, when you need it due to a puncture, are all part of the routine maintenance and repair of your car. See the folks at Royal Honda when you need tire service.  Yorkton has come to trust us for reputable truck and car service when it comes to looking after your tires.

We have a great selection of tires for all makes and models with the lowest price guarantee. 

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Tire Service Yorkton:  Royal Honda… "We Make It Easy!"

Our dealership offers a variety of operations that help to keep your tires in top shape and ensure your safety on the road in all driving conditions. For any tire service needs, give us a call at 306-782-2262 or email us at service@royalhonda.ca.

Tire change and tire rotation - Tires are rated for durability and the number of kilometres you might drive safely on them. There are wear bars on your tires. Our technicians can measure the tread to determine if it is time to replace your tires. Drop in, and we can let you know when you should be thinking about purchasing a set of new tires. To get longer wear out of your tires, it is recommended that you rotate them on a regular basis. Our technicians can advise you when it is a good time to do this. Of course we can provide that semi-annual swap from winter tires to summer or all season tires. Please phone 306-782-2262 to make an appointment. We perform the tire installation or repair and have you back on the road in no time at all.

Tire balancing and alignment - Balancing tires increases the lifespan of the tires on your vehicle. Perhaps on some occasion you have noticed a vibration in your steering wheel or a shimmy in your car as you drive. This could mean that a tire is out of balance, and that there is a 'heavy spot' causing your vehicle to vibrate at certain speeds. This can be a dangerous condition. Our technicians can balance your tires at a reasonable cost and improve the safety factor when you drive. We specialize in tire service in Yorkton, and we are committed to resolve your safety concerns.

The alignment of your tires is also an important element in safe driving. Alignment can be thrown off or altered by hitting a pothole or curb, something that happens more often than you like. Proper alignment allows you to control your vehicle more effectively and adds life to tire wear. We have the specialized equipment at Royal Honda to provide first-class tire service. Yorkton drivers trust us to fix any alignment problems that cause uneven wear on your tires, or when your vehicle pulls to the left or right as you drive. To correct alignment we adjust the suspension apparatus on your vehicle. We have qualified technicians and equipment to make this a fast and cost-effective repair.

Please give us a call, or drop in. We can provide you with a complete range of tire repairs for your vehicle. At Royal Honda… "We Make It Easy!"

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How To Check Your Tire Pressure:

Tire pressure should be checked when your tires are cold and before you take off on a long trip. Tire pressure can be checked with a tire pressure gauge or a Tire Pressure Monitoring System if your vehicle has that feature. You can use any of the three types of tire gauges to check the pressure: 

  • The dial tire gauge
  • The digital tire gauge
  • The stick tire gauge

Tires should not be checked when they have been in the sun for a long period of time, or if they are warm from driving since you will not get an accurate reading with warm tires. To find the recommended tire pressure of your tires, you can find it either in the owner's manual for your vehicle, or on the Tire Information Label inside your vehicles' door frame. 

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How To Check Tire Wear:

Driving with worn tires is extremely dangerous and can put you at a higher risk of punctures in your tires since the tires no longer have enough tread depth. This means that when it rains or snows, you may lose control of your vehicle since the tires have little traction. Therefore, it is crucial that you know when your tires are worn and how to check your tire wear. 

A unique and easy way to check the wear of your tires is by using a toonie: 

Insert the toonie in the tire tread with the polar bear facing you and the paws are downwards. If the tread is touching the paws, your tires are new and have a good amount of tread. If the tread reaches across the silver part of the toonie, your tires are roughly 50% worn. If the tread reaches on the half way part of the letters, you are due for new tires.

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Another way to check the wear of your tires is with a digital or mechanical tread depth gauge. When the tread depth gauge has reached 4/32 inches, it is time to consider tire replacement. If the gauge says 2/32 inches, you need an immediate replacement of tires. 

What Does a Worn Tire Looks Like?

Everytime you drive your vehicle, your tires begin to wear down. On newer tires, they have tread wear indicator bars built into them. The tread wear indicator bars appear as flat rubber bars are perpendicular to the direction of the tread. If the tread of your tires has worn down to the point of the indicator bars, you need a replacement.

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When To Rotate Your Tires

There is a wide variance of when tires should be rotated. However, the most common time to rotate your tires is between 1 and 2 years. By rotating your tires, your tires, suspension, and steering components will last much longer. Not only that, but your vehicle will feel more stable. If your vehicle has wider tires or is a sporty car, you will notice this more. 

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What Happens When Your Tires is Underinflated or Overinflated?


  • Similar to when your tires are overinflated, when tires are underinflated the tires are not as stable and they will have less traction. From this, it will affect the performance of your vehicle with steering inputs becoming slower and it will take longer for your vehicle to brake with underinflated tires. Additionally, underinflated tires tend to overheat which can cause thread separation and even blowouts. 


  • When your tires are overinflated, the sidewalls and tread of your tires become harder than normal and the contact patch of the tire on the road shrinks. From this, your tires will have less traction and will greatly affect the performance of your vehicle.

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