How safe is it to buy a used car online?

When you buy a used car online from our dealership, be assured that you are following a safe and secure virtual auto experience. Our Sales and Leasing Consultants are available online to answer any questions you may have regarding your chosen vehicle on our Used Inventory.

Can I get my car appraised online?

Yes, we have the capability to appraise your car online. We invested on tools that will allow us to do this process to make things easier and more convenient for our customers.

Is anĀ on-line deposit required?

Yes, we require an online security deposit of $500.

How to buy a car online and have it delivered?

To buy a car online, just check out our new and used inventory. Once you have selected the vehicle of your choice, click "Calculate Your Payment Online" and fill-out the form for credit application. We will get in touch with you as soon as we receive your application to start the process. Delivery options will also be discussed during the process.

How to Have Your New Car Delivered to Your Home

Let us know if you want your new car or truck delivered to your home so we can make the necessary arrangements. Note that we currently have some conditions/limitations regarding delivery of a new vehicle which we will discuss with you prior to actual delivery.

What happens after I schedule my online car delivery or pickup?

After you schedule your car delivery or pick-up online, we will give you a call to confirm the schedule and let you know what to expect during the process.

How many miles will Royal Honda car delivery service cover?

Royal Honda can deliver new or used cars at a minimal fee. Please let us know if you'd like to avail of this service so we can provide you with a quote. There are some restrictions

Can I save my online transaction and come back later?

The form saves within the session that you are in on your website visit. In case you bounced off and come back a few days later, you will be requested to reenter the information again.

How will the Royal Honda be storing or using my information?

Your information will be stored in a password-protected system and will be used only for the sole purpose of assisting you with any vehicle-related needs you have.

How do I know the website is secure?

You will know that the website is secure when you click on the website address to view site information. Our website has a valid security certificate.

How and when do we complete the final paperwork?

You can complete the final paperwork now at the comfort of your home. You just need to attach your digital signature on the document.

How long does buying a car online usually take?

Similar to buying a car in person at the dealership, buying a car online using financing and lease options take additional time than buying cash. This is due to the additional steps of doing credit application review and approval.