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Looking to buy a new vehicle but do not have time to go to a dealership?

At Royal Honda, we make it easy! We have an easy online process! 

We are happy to introduce this powerful digital research and financing tool called Structure My Royal Deal which will allow you to get your new car easier and faster.

Follow the steps below and you can have your dream car fast and easy

Step 1 : Check our inventory.

We have lots of vehicle options for you to choose from - NEW or USED cars, SUVs, and trucks. Find the one that meets your budget and your lifestyle

New Inventory     USED INVENTORY

Step 2 : Calculate your payment.

Once you have chosen the right vehicle for you, you can calculate your monthly lease or finance payment through the online payment calculator. Please note that although all the current rates and incentives are automatically included, the resulting figure is still an estimate hence final actual payment may change slightly. If you are finding it difficult to decide whether to lease or finance the vehicle, do not hesitate to reach out to our Sales Professionals who are trained to be your consultants who can help you in making that big decision.

Step 3 : Get pre-qualified.

After making that decision on leasing or financing, we recommend that you get pre-qualified first. What this means is that you begin the process by filling up the form online which will allow us to do credit check and find you the best rates and terms. This step will save you time at the dealership since we already have all of your information which we can review with you when you arrive.

Step 4 : Apply for credit.

If you are confident about your credit history, you may proceed with applying for credit directly and skip the pre-qualification step by completing the full application online, which will save you even more time at the dealership. We assure you that you are under no obligation to purchase a vehicle from us after you submit your credit application.

Step 5 : Test drive your chosen vehicle.

You can visit our dealership to test drive the vehicle you want as soon as you have completed your online credit application. To book an appointment call us at 306-782-2262 or simply fill out the test drive form online.  On the day of your appointment, enjoy the test drive and give us the green light to finalize the deal so you can bring it home!

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