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Brake Services, Replacement, Repair and Inspections

Royal Honda's Brake Service in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Each time you apply your brakes whether soft or hard, your brakes experience wear. The amount of wear your brakes experience is all based on how you use your brakes and how often. If you drive in the city a lot, you may notice that you wear out your brakes faster than someone who commutes in a suburban or rural area. However, no matter where you drive, you should get a regular brake maintenance service to ensure that your brakes are working optimally and catch potential issues before they occur resulting in costly future repairs. Doing this is even more important if you are experiencing unusual sounds, smoke, vibrations, fluid or any other potentially questionable things your vehicle does when braking. If you are experiencing an issue or feel you have not had your brakes checked or serviced in a while, visit us in Yorkton or call us to book an appointment so you can feel confident that your vehicle will stop when you want it to. Remember this one major component keeps you safe every time you go out for a drive no matter the distance or destination.


Maintenance Schedule For Your Brake Service in Yorkton, SK 

When it comes to figuring out the best times to schedule a brake service in Yorkton, we always recommend to first review the owner's manual provided to you by your manufacturer. The owner's manual has a list of suggestions and instructions for your specific vehicle's make and model. At the Royal Honda dealership, we perform brake services in Yorkton on our brand of vehicles day in and day out, but we also service and repair any other brand of vehicle that comes through our doors. As a good rule of thumb, we recommend having your brakes inspected, adjusted, and cleaned every 10,000km. Well after you have hit this milestone when you have driven 50,000 km, you should bring your vehicle back in to have the brake fluid flushed out of the hydraulic brake system. 

To book an appointment or if you have any questions regarding brake service, email us at service@royalhonda.ca or call us at 306-782-2262.

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Symptoms That You Need Your Brakes Serviced

Here at Yorkton's very own Royal Honda, we always recommend bringing in your vehicle to get your brakes inspected and serviced regularly. However, there are moments when you will  need to bring in your vehicle sooner than later to resolve a serious safety issue. Some signs that you need to have a brake pad replacement or service are: 

  • Every time you press on your brakes your vehicle pulls to the left or right while driving
  • You experience a shaking sensation in your steering wheel when you brake while driving
  • A noise or unusual sound is made when you brake while driving
  • ABS (anti-lock braking system) light is turned on
  • The pedal feels mushy when you press your brakes
  • The emergency brake is not working when engaged
  • You notice brake fluid residue on the outside of the wheel (on rim or tire)
  • You find yourself adding brake fluid regularly to the master cylinder
  • There is an unusual smoke or odour that appears when you press your brakes while driving
  • The pedal feels as though it is shaking or pulsating when you press on your brakes while driving

Yorkton Brake Service and Repair Process

When you come in to get your brakes serviced, we don't just look at your brake pads to determine if you need a brake replacement, we do a full inspection on them to make sure they are working optimally. This means we will check to make sure whether or not your brake lines need repairs, if your brake fluids need topping up or changed, and much more when you come to our Royal Honda dealership to get a brake service in Yorkton. 

Some of the things in your brake system that you should have serviced annually are:

  • Brake pads

  • Brake shoes

  • Brake fluid

  • Brake hardware

  • Parking brake operation 

  • Parking brake shoes/pads

  • Drums

  • Rotors

  • Master cylinder

  • Wheel cylinder

  • Brake hoses

  • Calipers

If you are in Yorkton, brake service is available at Royal Honda.

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