Our Story and Philosophy

The Royal Auto Group and Terry Ortynsky Story

Since the beginning his first dealership, Terry Ortynsky has been featured in business books for his acumen and has been hailed as one of Saskatchewan’s best businessmen for his innovations in customer service. His dealerships have won multiple awards and proven beneficial to their communities.

Today, we proudly serve Yorkton and Parkland area, Langenburg, Melville, Regina, Esterhazy, Canora SK, as well as our neighbours in Manitoba including Swan River, Russell, Roblin and Dauphin.
Royal Auto Group’s History

In 1985, Terry purchased Carnduff Motors in Yorkton, SK and renamed it Royal Ford. Five years later he re-structured the dealership, a change that included moving form incentive-based remuneration for his sales force to salary-based. In 1990 and 2001, Terry added Nairn Nissan dealership to his businesses and started Terry Ortynsky KIA, both in Winnipeg, MB. Approximately a decade later, he sold both dealerships in order to concentrate on his Saskatchewan holdings. In 2010, Terry applied for a Honda franchise. Royal Honda opened in 2012.

Awards & Accolades

In his 1999 bestselling management book, The Path of Least Resistance for Managers, author Robert Fritz hailed Terry’s restructuring strategy.

Along with the change in sales force remuneration, write Fritz, “The team worked out many other systems to deliver superb service to the customers, and the organization learned, innovated, invented, and experimented. Business got better. Growth led to more growth, and because it was planned growth, the team could plan their growth, the team could plan their growth of capacity directly to the workload.”

Terry and his company have also received the Distinguished Achievement Award in 1987 from Ford Motor Company of Canada; Customer Excellence Awards in 1995, 1996, and 1999 (also from Ford); Business of the Year Award in 2010 from the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce; and Service of the Year Award in 2011 from the Saskatchewan Chamber ABEX Awards.

Working for the Community

In the last three decades, Terry Ortynsky and his dealerships have shown themselves to be strong supporters of their communities.

A partial list of initiatives include: sponsoring the Ukrainian pavilion for Folklorama in Winnipeg in 2006-2010; donating a van to the Yorkton Salvation Army to assist in flood relief work in 2010; participating in events to raise awareness of the JDRF (Junior Diabetes Research Foundation); and supporting the Yorkton Film Festival.

Our Philosophy

When walking into a car dealership, what is the first thing you hope will happen?

Will it be that you’ll see that car of your dreams, or that a salesman will promptly come over and ask what you’re looking for? Or do you just want someone to offer you a fresh cup of coffee and say, “Take a look around and let us know if you see anything you’d like to test drive?”

At the Royal Auto Group, we want our customers to know that they have come to the right place from the moment they walk through the doors.

That means no high-pressure sales tactics. In fact, there are NO sales tactics at all, simply a group of dedicated professionals who become consultants in your buying decision, supporting you in making the best possible choice.

Too often in many dealerships, people feel defensive, on guard, or suspicious.

This is due to a built in conflict of interest between commissioned sales and customer satisfaction. At the Royal Auto Group we have eliminated this conflict by putting the entire sales staff on salary. Each person is a highly trained professional whose job is to help make you happy and to help ensure your experience is enjoyable and worry free.

Questions we consider include:

What are you looking for in a pre-owned vehicle?
What features are important to you and which ones don’t matter at all?
Have all options been considered?
What is the financial plan that will benefit you the most?

Of course our staff needs to be knowledgeable as well. To be a modern professional in the technically advanced automotive world means the staff members must continuously expand their knowledge. At the Royal Auto Group, that is not enough.

We have developed a team at Royal Ford and Royal Honda who share in values of honesty, fairness, great customer service and professionalism. We put a premium on being good neighbours, creating sustainable relationships and focusing on long term value of the customer. We proudly serve Yorkton and Parkland area, Langenburg, Melville, Regina, Esterhazy and Canora in Saskatchewan as well as our neighbours in Manitoba including Swan River, Russell, Roblin and Dauphin.

With these values and this philosophy in mind, we have been able to transform our two dealerships into places where customers are treated with the utmost respect, where their wishes are understood and where the best possible match at the best possible price will be found.

And the coffee’s pretty good too.